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Bee Honey 101


It's the "soul of a field of flowers" – the original “natural food,” with its own unique enzymes and vitamins. Bennett’s Honey Farm selects only our finest nectars for bottling. 

Our delicate handling returns it to natural hive temperature before clarifying and preserving its aroma, nutritional value and fine taste.


Since honey is one of nature’s few basic carbohydrates, your body can put it to immediate use for quick energy. And, did you know that honey can replace other sugar in many recipes? It is nature’s own preservative. Cookies, cakes and breads baked with honey retain their freshness longer.

Visit our retail store and taste all of our honey varieties. Similar to wine tasting,you will find that each honey has its own personality and bouquet.


We bottle our honey under labels, “Topanga Quality Honey,” (found in Whole Foods Market and many other specialty markets), and “Piru Canyon Honey,” which can be found in the fruit stands and other open-air markets in Ventura, Los Angeles, Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo counties.




Worker bees suck nectar from flower blossoms and carry it back to the hive in their honey sacs (honey stomachs). During the trip home, acid secretions begin changing the nectar to honey.  


While in the hive, the honey is passed to receiving bees where it continues changing and becoming more enriched, and (by evaporation) concentrated until it is ready to be stored in empty honeycomb cells.  

More than 70,000 “loads of nectar” are converted into one pound of honey. Housekeeping bees continue to “dry” the honey by fanning their wings in unison. The cells are then sealed with beeswax for long-term storage. 

Honey, whether sealed in combs or packed in jars, will keep for years. To bottle harvested honey, we simply warm it and strain it before put it into the jar.



Located in Ventura County, we at Bennett’s Honey Farm are proud of our excellent reputation for providing award-winning honey and honey products throughout the country for the past 20 years.  

We have built our business on customer satisfaction and we can serve your honey needs year ‘round. Our honey is produced in Ventura County, home of the best Sage and Wildflower fields in California. We have been awarded blue ribbons at both the Los Angeles and Ventura County Fairs. 

Varieties of our gourmet quality honey include: Avocado, Buckwheat, Cactus, Clover, Eucalyptus, Gallberry, Orange, Sage, Wildflower. 

Each has a distinctive flavor and is 100% pure and natural. Our honey is handled with utmost care and quality control. It is unfiltered and never overheated. 

Try the honey our bees make here in Ventura County. You’re in for a real treat. We produce and pack quality honey that appeals to your eye, your taste buds, and your wallet.

You won’t find honey this good on the shelf in any supermarket.

Try one, them all!