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Avocado Honey – A unique honey that will remind you of old-fashioned molasses, only better. You’ll enjoy this honey on hot breads and cereals. Produced in California's Ventura County avocado orchards.
  • Cactus Honey - Derived from the Mesquite plant, the flavorful cactus raw honey features a granulated texture and thick consistency with a golden color.
Clover Honey - Light, tasting, mellow and delicious. Produced in the Mid-west.
  • Eucalyptus Honey - Comes from the eucalyptus groves of California and Australia. It is wonderful to use in cooking as well as in your coffee or hot tea to sooth your throat.
  • Orange Honey - Tastes like the smell of orange blossoms. This is an all-around honey you’ll love! Our bee locations are in the orange orchards near Fillmore, California.
  • Sage Honey – A beekeeper’s favorite. A premium honey we guarantee you’ll love. Light and mild in color and taste. This is a wildflower whose nectar almost refuses to granulate. Produced near Lake Piru in California.
  • Wildflower Honey - is a little darker in color and slightly richer. Tastes like summer. Contains honey also known as “Wild California Buckwheat.”  It has a little kick to it.
  • Gallberry Honey - Light and mild in color and taste. Looks and tastes the same as Sage Honey, but the floral source is the Gallberry.
  • Hawaiian Honey

Honey - Raw & Unfiltered 3lb Jar (CHOOSE FLAVORS INSIDE)

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Topanga Quality Honey   

  • 3lb Honey - Raw & Unfiltered
  • Plastic Jar
  • 100% Raw Gourmet Honey
  • 100% Kosher
  • Available Flavors: Clover, Eucalyptus,Gallberry, Orange, Wildflower, Avocado, Sage, Blackberry, Knapweed, Buckwheat


*Sage Honey is a seasonal product.   


Treat yourself or loved ones to this natural food containing its own unique enzymes and vitamins.

Our Honey is produced in Ventura County, home of the best SAGE and WILDFLOWER fields in California.  

  • We produce, pack and distribute our fine honey.  
  • Our facility is "green" 100% solar powered, and we proudly maintain industry standards for cleanliness and safety (*GMP / HACCP).  
  • We have Kosher and Organic certificates. 
  • Instead of filtering our honey we use a process called "gravity straining" which allows the honey to retail it's natural perfect components.  

This takes a little longer but we believe it's necessary to provide the highest quality honey available.

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